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AR Wayfinding and Store Info Display

Augmented Experience | 01 2017 

ExplorAR is a future concept of how we might interact with the physical world in a wayfinding and restaurant-searching scenario on the street. It utilize augmented reality, voice control, and hand tracking interaction to provides an intuitive heads-up hands-free experience. 


AR experience design
App prototyping


Jing Yan

Location-based Info Display

Zhenyu Yang


Junxiang Yao

Voice control, hand gesture


Sept 2016 - Jan 2017

(CS course project) 

Redesigned 2021



The original prototype is developed on Android in OpenGL ES language using Vuforia and Google maps API.


It's not easy to find a good restaurant when you are at a new place especially if you are walking on the street with your friends. Yelp or google map might be our first choice, but it's quite awkward to stand on the street and search info about a restaurant in front of you.  What if you can walk on the street and see dishes, customer reviews, and internal environment of restaurants or any stores on the street directly?


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