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Augmented Experience | 09 2020 

Aura! Aura! is a mobile AR art experience. It provides people with a new way of experiencing and interacting with digital artworks from anywhere and anytime. You can use the app to:

  • Place or scan images to view artworks in the real world

  • Touch and draw Fulu (organic magic symbols)

  • Photograph augmented reality artworks and your own creation

We developed this app during the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine. We hope that it can engage people with art in daily life. Through using AR, we'd like to encourage people to see the reality more creatively.


AR experience design
App design
App development
App store release

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Jing Yan

AR Experience & App design

Mengyu Chen

Interaction & App Development

Miao Jing

Original 3D artworks


Apr - Sept 2020

(Side project)

Download at

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Iphone Screens All.jpg


Aura! Aura! is designed and developed by EyeDream Interactive (an art & tech studio by Jing Yan and Mengyu Chen). We built this app in collaboration with visual artist Miao Jing on the Project "Zhen Qu Palace"(真趣园) in 2020. We selected the key characters and objects from the film of the same title and remixed them into dynamic AR sceneries, which include Spirited Wizard, Allegorical Mural, Dan Furnace, etc. We hope that people can enjoy this fantasy trip in the real world and have a closer relationship with these artworks through AR.



The main experience is separated into 3 parts:

∎  Pilgrimage

A Spirited Wizard is walking towards you in the mist. Place her in your surroundings and start the journey.

∎  Saṃsāra

An Allegorical Mural is broken apart and reconstructed into a galaxy-like dynamic field. We explore creating spatial AR experience in this scene. You can move your device to experience from different perspectives and depths of the scene.

∎  Fulu

An dynamic drawing experience with abstract symbols. You can touch and draw trajectories on the screen which will then form an animated Fulu group floating and tangling in the space.

User Interactions

User Interaction.png
Apple iPhone X Space Grey.png
Apple iPhone X Space Grey.png

Place and view augmented reality artworks in the real world

Draw Fulu in the space

Apple iPhone X Space Grey.png
Apple iPhone X Space Grey.png

Use the scan mode to explore exhibitions in a more interactive way

Take photos of what you see

and create

Apple iPhone X Space Grey.png

Exhibition Mode

"It adds more fun like finding easter eggs in the exhibition."

Aura! Aura! can be also integrated with museum exhibitions to engage audiences and enhance the experience of physical artworks. As a pilot test, the app is presented in the exhibition "Zhen Qu Yuan" in Chengdu in Oct 2020. Audiences can download the app in front of the exhibition and explore interactive experiences by scanning the paintings on the wall. The AR experience is widely downloaded and well received by audiences.

Installation Diagram

Experience the fantasy now

Get the App


Thank you for viewing

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